Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains PS4 is  an educational game rated for ages 10 and over, but kids under 10 can enjoy some of the puzzles and adventures.

Game play

Tiny Brains revolves around the adventures of four lab animals — a bat, a mouse, a rabbit and a hamster. Each lab animal possesses a unique psychic ability, thanks to an experiment gone awry. The bat can push objects with his voice, the hamster can freeze air, the rabbit can attract objects with his large ears and the mouse can teleport at will. Using their abilities, players can solve puzzles and find a way out of the crazy scientist’s laboratory. 


All of the puzzles in Tiny Brains can be solved multiple ways depending on your team and you strategy.The puzzles are not complex in that there are only a few elements, but some of them are fairly puzzling, challenging you to figure out the right combinations of the lab characters’ abilities to tackle the problem at hand.



Tiny Brains is an impressive PlayStation 4 co-operative puzzle game aimed at the casual gaming crowd. It’s a perfect family entertainer. Parents will have a jolly good time teaming up with their kids, solving team-focused puzzles in this co-op multiplayer game.

The co-op level design creates dynamic, emergent game play, whether advancing through the campaign mode, beating time-based challenges, or competing in endless levels.






Final Verdict

The game can be played alone, but playing with your kids or friends will be an amazing experience.

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