Skylanders SWAP Force PS4 Review

Skylanders SWAP Force – PlayStation 4  has amazing details, the storyline places you in the role of a portal master, commanding the Skylander warriors to defend the Cloudbreak islands and prevent raving villain Kaos from plunging the Skylands into darkness.Skylanders SWAP Force

Some of the cool features such as Time Attack and Score modes now offer you new challenges and replay value to boot. The choice of Skylanders are great and the game’s responsive controls  are quick while you blast away at enemies or venture in close to stun or bash those around you. Swap Force pushes the enemies to swarm you as you jump and dodge out of the way.

You have the ability to mix and match your characters, you can physically split the magnetically attached top and bottom sections of your Skylanders characters and join them together and then warping them into your game. Once they’re warped in, you can purchase new attacks and abilities for the top and bottom sections….pretty cool!

It is a little expensive and you may need to purchase additional characters to unlock all the game content. The camera angles are not the best, that is something they will need to work on with their next version.



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