Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends one of the most popular PS4 games for kids it has wonderful visual effects and it will not disappoint you. The choreography and the music is impeccable, it’s so original, engaging, and just tons of fun. Progressively gets harder as you move on to new levels.

Rayman's Legends PS4

Rayman’s Legends PS4

Rayman will need to jump, sprint, “float” (his ears will whip around like a helicopter), and punch his way to victory. What makes the game even more fun is the ability to have up to 4 people play co-op at the same time, albeit only on the same console.

This game is addictive, just when you think you’ve beaten the game and all the extras, more secret levels just keep popping up. There are daily community challenges  and  a never ending slew of new content. The artwork is so high quality and so beautiful that it just adds to the wonderful universe of Rayman.

Rayman Legends – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition overs many challenges,  you will discover that there is an incredible amount of sophistication here. As far as I can tell, EVERY level can be played in one swift movement, with no hesitation whatsoever – if you have the skill to memorize the patterns and the reflexes to guide you (which comes in handy when attempting to complete time challenges).

Multiplayer is also a blast, and I can have fun playing Legends with less experienced gamers. Though it is far harder to complete challenges when I have other gamers along for the ride, that’s not what it’s about – it’s about having fun and watching Rayman and Globox slap each other silly.

Watch the PS 4 Rayman’s Legends Trailer here at Raymans Legends.

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