Top PS4 Games for Kids

Here are the top PS4 Games for Kids, they are fun and exciting games that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is one of the top rated PS4 games for kids, now is your chance to play your Marvel super hero. If you are a Lego fan this really is a must game for your family.

The PS4 Lego Movie Video Game  is along the lines of the Lego Game movie, it is an extremely well thought out game for the whole family to enjoy.

Rayman Legends   has wonderful visual effects and it will not disappoint you. The choreography and the music is impeccable, it’s so original, engaging, and just tons of fun. Progressively gets harder as you move on to new levels.

Skylanders SWAP Force   has amazing details, the storyline places you in the role of a portal master, commanding the Skylander warriors to defend the Cloudbreak islands and prevent raving villain Kaos from plunging the Skylands into darkness.

It’s time to take the PS4 games to the next level around the pool and play.

Now you have the chance to relive the epic action from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens this game brings a new freshness to both Lego and Star Wars Awakens, this is retold through the clever and witty LEGO lens, featuring all of the storylines from Star Wars, this is a fun game for everyone, but especially if you are a Star Wars or Lego fan.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is an action adventure shooter game exclusive to PS4 recommend for teens , it is extremely well written, funny and emotional. A Thief’s End follows the Uncharted 3 story several years later. Nathan Drake is back and he is reunited with his brother Sam and his partner Sully to search for clues for the where about of Capt. Henry Avery treasure, this will save Nathans brother.


Top PS4 Racing Games for Kids

The Crew is a racing arcade game, suitable for teens. If you have a friend who likes to play racing arcade games this is the game for you. You really do need internet connection to play this game. There is so much exploration to be done.

Project CARS is the Ultimate Driver Journey, you get to create a driver, choose your starting point and then aim for glory; climb the motorsport ranks quickly to claim the ultimate prize, dominate one particular motorsport defiantly against all challengers, or become a multi-discipline master and prove you can compete in all forms of racing.

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