Need for Speed : Rivals Review

The Need for Speed : Rivals is the latest PS4 racing game, this is an arcade style racing game, so it is a whole lot of fun for the kids and the whole family to enjoy.Need 4 Speed : Rivals

With the new PS4 the racing is so much more fun and the graphics are stunning. There are some major improvements from the Need for Speeds previous game, you can drive wherever you want, challenge whoever you want and there is no speed limit, but watch out for those pesky cops.

You have the ability to go from single player to multi player back to single player which is so much fun, you could literally jump in with your friend in an cop event, working together to take down the racers, and go right back to your game.

The controls are smooth, the cars handle really well and Easydrive is beyond awesome, you can choose events, mark places (like your hideout) on your GPS. the scenery on the tracks are really nice. When you get into an area with snow or rain…the cars handling does change, it’s subtle, but you can feel the car sliding easier.

The speed of the cars is outrageous and again, the cars handle great for arcade style car racing.  Remember this is not FORZA Motorsports it is Need for Speed Rivals – PlayStation 4 an arcade racing game.



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