MLB 15 The Show

The latest PS4 Major League Baseball game is MLB 15, this is one of the best video baseball games available. The games keep improving year after year. It is best played on the PS4 as it has so many more features.

MLB 15: The Show – PlayStation 4 offers new features like improved graphics, licensed equipment, enhanced player personality, additions to Franchise mode, a revamped Diamond Dynasty mode,

The PS4 holds more data content and so there is room for more player/team scenes that gives a sense of actual personality. Also, the PS4 has seasonal lighting. The game actually imports info from Google Earth so that shadows face the correct direction at each time of the year. One of the additional feature is that you can play a night game, and once you are into extra innings you  get to see the sun rise over the stadium.

The biggest new game play feature for the series though is “Directional Hitting”. The approach at the plate with Directional is to influence where the ball is hit.
Another one of my  favorite features of MLB 2015 is the radio show that plays after you simulate an entire day, this really adds to the feeling of an entire season existing as it highlights information from other teams and games you were not a part of. The Show has arguably the most content of any sports game available. There’s the traditional Franchise, the Road to the Show career, the Ultimate Team clone Diamond Dynasty, Community Challenges (both built by users and with weekly studio-generated events), Home Run Derby and of course Online Play. Anyone could dive into just one of those and get their money’s worth out of the game.


There is also a MLB 15: The Show (10th Anniversary Edition)  on available on PS4 this will include

Exclusive MLB 15 The Show 10th Anniversary Steel Book and Exclusive Cover

• 12K in Stubs

• 15 Bonus Item Packs

• All 30 MLB Dynamic Themes

• MLB 15 Dynamic Theme

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