PS4 Racing Games for Kids

The first PS4 racing game for kids is Need for Speed : Rivals, this is an arcade style racing game. And now the latest PS4 racing game to be released is DriveClub.

There are some welcomed upgrades to this game, at first you are given a playlist, which consists of a few objectives. Once Need For Speed: Rivalsyou complete a list, you get special items, such as cars, upgrades and then you are able to drive where you want and challenge who you want, there are no rules. You can now play as a cop in free roam and start pursuits with random street racers.

Need for Speed Rivals – PlayStation 4 is now available for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t trust anyone, this is where a street-racing rivalry between cops and racers never stops as both sides compete in an all-out war to take over the social, local and national media and earn the best cars, mods and technology.

The cop cars are fun, the crashes are great,¬† the race cars are fun, the choice of race tracks and different environments are really well done and of course the graphics with the PS4 are amazing. It’s a great way to blow off some steam.

The only complaint that I have is that sometimes stone walls don’t stand out as much as one might like causing accidents that you never saw coming (not fun when you’re a racer).

DriveClub by Evolution Studios

DriveClub by Evolution Studios

The newest PS4 Racing game to be released is DriveClub (PlayStation 4).The cars really look cool, the lighting effects seem realistic, right down to your headlights reflecting out of the rearview mirror of the car ahead. The menus are easy to navigate and it is quick and simple to get into a race with minimal load times. The tracks are varied and fun to drive. The cars all handle differently, you can tell a difference between front, rear and all wheel drive.

DriveClub provides that realism aspect in the visual fidelity and the environmental effects, but the handling itself is still arcadey enough to have the fun factor.


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